For a better service please read the following information, necessary for your quote.

Please send an email to


  • City from which you travel
  • The selected package.
  • The dates that you want to reserve.
  • Climbers (name, age, sex).
  • Do you suffer any illness? Do you take any medication?
  • Are you vegetarian or vegan?
  • They will require equipment for rent?
  • Indicate if they require ground transportation from the airport if your package does not include it.
  • Please send flight details as soon as they are confirmed.

Please note the following:

The packages

The services

The necessary equiptment

The season

For climb Mexican Volcanoes the best season is during the months Oct – Nov – Dec – Jan – Feb – Mar

For reservation

The next step for reservation is wire a deposit for 200 usd per each climber.

You have two ways for that:

  • Paypal


  • Or in Bank

Bank info:


Banco: Banco Mercantil del Norte BANORTE

Sucursal: 2079,

Adress: Av. 22 de Febrero No.196, Col Villa Azcapotzalco, Mexico, Ciudad de Méxco. C.P. 02000

Name: Alejo Roberto Flores Rodríguez

Cuenta: (acct no.) 072 180 00199185001


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