Orizaba Mountain Guides or OMG, founded in the year 2000, is an adventure guiding company. It is one of the foremost Mexican guide services, counting years of experience with adventurers and climbers from all over the world.

Specialty: We specialize in climbs of the Mexican volcanoes and expedition climbs in the Andes range of South America, including Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru. At last count, we have organized and led more than 500 climbs and expeditions. We offer the best designed programs for your personal success and abilities, because we adapt each program or adventure to your specific, individualized needs.

Experience and Safety: Due to our experience and many years of guiding, we offer the most experienced and professional mountain guides available—and an experienced guide is the key to personal safety and a high rate of success for any excursion, adventure, or expedition. Our guides are members of the renowned Mexican Mountain Guides Association or AMGME, and all are emergency first-responders, trained in mountain rescue, and experienced in logistical, contingency, and evacuation plans. We offer all possible support and have communication capabilities to Tlachichucha or Mexico City for any emergency.

Acclimatization: For climbs of Pico de Orizaba, we offer you the best acclimatization program available, beginning at our new mountain lodge situated at 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). At our lodge, we provide you a restful atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and tasty meals. From our lodge, we then transfer you to Piedra Grande hut located at 4,175 meters (13,700 feet).

Transportation: We offer transport for both big and small groups—and you can customize your transportation needs. Whether your transportation needs be from airport to airport, Mexico City to Tlachichuca, or Tlachichuca to Piedra Grande hut, we can get you there. We have 4×4 vehicles for the mountain roads.

Success Variables: Some variables are out the hands of both the climber and OMG.

  • The personal limit of physiological adaptation to altitude of each climber
  • The individual health and physical conditioning of each climber
  • Adverse weather conditions