Julio Zacatzi

Originally from Mexico City, it is a full-time guide to Mexican volcanoes.
He began his mountain activities at the age of 23, when, due to the vicissitudes of his life, he spent 8 months in the Himalayas of India and Nepal.
Julio has also served as a cave guide in Quintana Roo, however he has always attracted his imagination and he decided to put his base camp in Mexico City where he could spend more time near the mountains.
With the aim of professionalizing his passion, I have entered the AMUNAM (Mountaineering Association of the National Autonomous University of Mexico), trained in rock climbing, caving, exploration, canyoning and high mountain, as well as specializing in high mountain and crack climbing.
In 2017 the high mountain team of AMUNAM invited Julio to be part of the university representative that would go to Huascarán Sur (the highest mountain in Peru with an altitude of 6768 masl), where they managed to reach the summit with Julio being the leader
Julio has added experience in mountains such as Chopicalqui, Vallunaraju, Ishinca, Urus, Tocllaraju, Alpamayo, Yanapacha, Pisco and Misti. In Bolivian Andes the Huayna Potosi, Small Alpamayo, Condoriri, Tarija, Austria, Sajama, Illimani. And in Venezuela in the Tepuy de Roraima.
Julio studied the postgraduate course in Environmental and Ecological Economics at the UNAM, and is interested in the study of the transformations of high mountain ecosystems due to climate change.
He is an active member of the Mexican Association of Mountain Climbing Guides (AMGME).